Customizable, Durable Granite Signs

Granite Signs are made from a variety of natural stone and can be used for decorative walls, signs and floor inlays. It’s a sophisticated look that can be incorporated on the exterior cladding of building fronts, neighborhood signs, or in the lobby of your business for that million-dollar look.

Our exclusive process not only creates durable granite panels with intricate designs, it also provides the opportunity to add backlighting to your sign. Unlike many of our competitors, we have a full-service natural stone and granite fabrication shop on site. With no outsourcing, we can ensure the quality and customization of every order.

We will work with you from the selection of your material to the installation of the finished product. With years of experience, the team at Granite Signs successfully combines state-of-the-art granite fabrication with exceptional craftsmanship to make every job truly unique and tailored to your space.

Choose from marble, granite or limestone slabs to fabricate your signs. Call us today for a consultation and find out why our clients across the United States trust our experience.